I am fortunate to collaborate with renowned ensembles in contemporary classical music on an international scale. Notable among these are:

Ensemble Intercontemporain
Klangforum Wien (Vienna, Austria)
Ensemble Variances
Ensemble 2E2M
Sound Icon (Boston, USA)
Uproar (Wales, UK)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

These collaborations involve delving into avant-garde compositions and exploring boundary-pushing repertoire, which continually broadens my musical perspective and fosters a profound appreciation for diverse artistic approaches. These experiences are enhancing my technical proficiency as a classical and electric guitar performer while deepening my understanding of the global landscape of modern musical expression. Collaborative artistry with such esteemed ensembles remains pivotal in shaping my musical identity and fueling my passion for cross-cultural dialogue through music.

Furthermore, my ongoing work with Ensemble Intercontemporain has been a cornerstone of my artistic journey. Collaborating closely with composers like Olga Neuwirth, Rebecca Saunders, James Dillon, or Helmut Lachenmann has been a deeply rewarding experience. I have had the privilege of premiering multiple works, contributing to recordings, and performing concerts in renowned Philharmonic halls across cities like Hamburg, Los Angeles, or Paris. Additionally, in 2019, I was honored to be invited by the Ensemble to perform the French premiere of Hans Werner Henze’s “Ode an eine Äolsharfe” for classical guitar at the Paris Philharmonic Hall.

Similarly, my collaboration with Klangforum Wien has been significantly enriching: our work on Rebecca Saunders’ piece “Wound” at the Musikverein in Vienna marked a pivotal moment for me.

The opportunity to contribute to such impactful performances underscores the mutual respect and artistic synergy that characterize these collaborations. It is humbling and inspiring to be invited by these ensembles to contribute to their artistic endeavors, highlighting the collective effort and shared dedication to advancing the frontiers of modern musical expression.

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