The “Mirrors” project features compositions by esteemed composers who have written works for both classical and electric guitar, including Tristan Murail, Fausto Romitelli, Zad Moultaka, and Hugues Dufourt (notably for electric guitar). I launched this project in 2016 and have performed it across Europe, the USA, and Asia.”


Gesture. Body. Movement.

In this new solo program, Pierre BIBAULT explores various perspectives of contemporary music for guitars. The raw sounds of the electric guitar juxtapose the crystalline tones of the classical guitar. Each instrument reflects the other like images in a mirror, where acoustic sounds blend with prerecorded, live, or electronically generated sounds.

In a unique blend of composition and improvisation, the performer is connected to a computer via motion sensors. His instrumental gestures in real-time generate a diverse range of electronic sounds, creating an interactive dialogue. The binary relationship between performer and machine converges into a novel sonic proposal.

The concert also features the premiere of “Kahraba,” a distinctive work for electric guitar by Zad MOULTAKA, commissioned by Pierre BIBAULT. This piece explores a new form of music notation focused more on gesture, movement, and sound than traditional notes. Engraved in copper by the composer during the composition process using an old printing press technique—requiring reverse writing—Kahraba perfectly complements the mirror effect.

Embark on an auditory and visual journey, an exploration of the senses. Welcome to modernity.