This project ventures into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside Human Intelligence (HI) to explore new possibilities in music creation. It looks at how AI and HI can work together to create unique musical expressions, each bringing its own special qualities to the table. The project focuses on how artists interact with time, constraints, and the vast potential of AI’s data analysis, highlighting the delicate balance between human direction and AI-driven innovation.

Using a mix of research and artistic exploration, this project aims to showcase a seamless collaboration between human creativity and AI in music composition. It’s designed to guide musicians and artists on incorporating AI into their creative process while maintaining their artistic vision. This innovative journey is reshaping music composition by blending human and artificial creativity in exciting ways.

This piece of music was composed and performed out of guitar sounds, produced by a gesture intention on the instrument (except the sample of the NYC streets recording).
The sounds have been organized (but barely processed) to make a piece of music that tends to be organic, and have the listener dive into a Human music, even if it sounds like electronic music.
The streets of New York have been recording by myself, very soon after my arrival in the United States. I felt overwhelmed by the density of the crowd and of the sounds surrounding me. Though I felt “new” and ready for a new adventure.
In this piece, my intention was to reproduce this intensity and this crowd-effect, notably by the superposition of different layers: some are played normally, some are de-phased, some are reversed, creating the illusion of hundreds of souls shouting around the listener, who becomes the center of the action.